The Journey

Victor began with a mission to revolutionise the mobility industry. Follow Victor’s journey, from one man’s vision, right through to a fully functioning prototype and soon, the finished Victor that you will be able to pre-order in the UK.



Phil Eaglesham is a former Royal Marines Commando and Paralympian who contracted Q Fever during active service in Afghanistan. After finding that the wheelchairs and similar devices he relied on actually restricted his independence, he set out to change the mobility industry.


Chance meeting 2013

Having struggled to find the right avenue to get his vision off the ground, Phil was introduced to Brian Meaden at a Royal Marines charity event. Brian was impressed and excited by Phil’s vision and a partnership was born.


AMRC 2014

Following a meeting with the University of Sheffield’s Engineering Department, Phil and Brian were introduced to the Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre (AMRC). The AMRC’s world class-design engineers were impressed with this bold new vision, and set about bringing it to life.


Conquering Horizons Limited

Private limited company incorporated on 20th February 2015.


Royal Marines Charity 2015

The Royal Marines Charity saw huge potential in Phil’s project to help other wounded, injured and sick service personnel in the Royal Marines Family, granting £60,000 to get the proposed device through the initial concept design phase.


The concept 2016

Work phase 1 saw the AMRC researching every aspect of the device, including current suitable technology and standards, device drawings and sketches, CAD models, and a simple, life-sized mock-up model as proof of concept.


Rio Paralympic Games 2016

At the same time as becoming a Paralympian in the Rio 2016 Paralympics, Phil carried out extensive research into what other athletes were using at the Games, and what they would like to see in a device. This gave him a unique perspective to bring back to the design table.


Heads Together 2016

Having highlighted mental health and the struggles of those suffering with mobility issues during the Paralympic Games with #PhilsBeard, Phil was asked to share his experience as a part of the Heads Together campaign alongside the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry.


The Press Preview Event 2016

Prototype of Victor was demonstrated at a press preview event at the Imperial War Museum in London. Inviting charities, media, businesses and potential users for the grand unveiling of prototype Victor, it proved to be a hit, causing a positive stir and drumming up serious interest in the media for this brand new innovation in wheelchairs.


Crowd Cube fundraising 2017

Through Crowd Cube, we raised over £700k from over 500 investors, which gave us the funds we needed to take the Victor concept to phase 2: a fully working, lookalike laboratory prototype.


Proof in the prototype 2017/2018

In phase 2 testing, the prototype Victor gave us a glimpse of an exciting future, proving to be even more capable and innovative than expected at this stage of development.


IED Awards (Institute of Engineering Designers) 2018

In 2018, we were humbled and grateful to join the ranks of the Dyson design team, Apple designer Jonathan Ive, and Raspberry PI founder Pete Lomas, when we won the prestigious Alex Moulton Award for Product Innovation from the Institution of Engineering Designers.



We’re constantly refining Victor to make it even better, so we continue to review and test the prototype and all its components before we start to take pre-orders later this year.

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