Additionally, there are several areas that have been identified by MAMRC as potentially patentable, which could deliver value to the company and spin off other concepts

All IP being developed in relation to this project will belong solely to Conquering Horizons Limited upon completion of the development work by MAMRC.

Front Wheel Drive Stability

In order to avoid tilt when at ‘social height’, MAMRC will develop stability technology that may well be patentable

Unique Rear Wheels

Multi directional wheels will significantly reduce turning circles and increase the manoeuvrability. Creating a specific innovative design to work in all the different environments the mobility device could encounter may yield a patentable solution

Seat Lifting Mechanism

MAMRC will have to create a solution that positions the user exactly where they want to be and reacts quickly to a number of situations, ensuring stability and comfort for the user. Solving these concerns may also result in a patentable development

Once the product has been brought to market we are forecasting a 41% gross margin given the expected price point and manufacturing costs

MAMRC have produced estimates for setup CAPEX and the manufacturing cost of the product

Given the premium nature of the product Conquering Horizons will be able to position the product at the £10,000 mark resulting in a gross margin of 41% (includes delivery fee of £100 per unit)

Initially we will aim to sell the product direct, relying on online sales, which already account for 31% of sales in this market and is rapidly growing

Customer expectation is that there is a lead time on delivery which enables the business to be stock light and manufacture to order

These costs are indicative based on the research done by the MAMRC. These are subject to change through the design process, with significant opportunity for cost savings which would support margin improvement.

Conquering Horizons are now raising equity in order to fund the next phase of the design process and produce working prototypes that are ready to be manufactured for retail

VICTOR needs more work in order to get to a position where he can be sold to the public.

The MAMRC team that have done all of the design work to date are standing by and actively supporting the team.

The company is therefore raising equity in order to finance the continued development of the product and get the completed product to market.

Our aim is to have a fully working prototype that can be launched in September 2017.

MAMRC Phase 2 Deliverables

  • Detailed design of all mobility device prototype components.
  • CAD model of all mobility device components and general assembly.
  • Component drawings for quotation and prototype production / assembly purposes.
  • All necessary off-the-shelf components sourced, purchased and adapted to suit if required.
  • Concept prototype bill of materials.
  • Production of two working prototype mobility devices for concept evaluation purposes. (one for MAMRC to carry out internal basic tests and one for Phil to trial)

MAMRC Phase 3 Deliverables

  • Internal user trials in a controlled MAMRC environment.
  • Basic fundamental internal testing in a controlled MAMRC environment to include: Dynamic Stability, Static stability, Documentation of footprint size and turning circle comparisons to current mobility devices and Maximum user weight confirmation.
  • Detailed specification of the scaled production / manufacturing methods for all components.
  • Identification of potential manufacturers.

Support VICTOR – an innovative product for a growing market, and be part of giving  confidence and independence to mobility device users

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