Meet Victor

This 'Victor' is the prototype design that helped us raise investment. It's not the exact model that will be available to buy, but it does illustrate the unique features that have got people so excited about this brand new wheelchair. Click on the hotspots to find out more.

Social height Ruggedised Omni-wheel Small Turning Circle 4WD for Challenging off-road terrain True off-road suspension system Kerb Climbing Ability Designed for living

Social height

Victor’s patent-pending seat lift mechanism will raise you flexibly and safely to an eye level of 5’6”*, while still allowing you to move around. This ‘social height’ will allow you to see and interact on the same level as an able-bodied person, so life isn’t out of reach.

* Depending on height of user.


Ruggedised Omni-wheel

Why turn when you can glide? Victor’s unique, patent-pending multi-directional wheel will give you a small turning circle with maximum manoeuvrability in environments that would challenge the outdated caster wheel.


Small Turning Circle

With a device width of 66cm and the innovative omni-wheels, Victor will be able to almost turn on the spot. (c. 1.175m), giving you incredible indoor manoeuvrability, even in the smallest of spaces.


4WD for Challenging off-road terrain

Don’t let the terrain hold you back. Victor’s large front alloy wheels and rear omni-wheels will make light work of rough terrain. Combine that with our superb 4WD system and you'll be able to go exploring pretty much anywhere.


True off-road suspension system

Working seamlessly alongside the integrated seat suspension, Victor’s off-road suspension system will give you comfort, stability and the superior ride quality you deserve, whether you’re indoors or out.


Kerb Climbing Ability

Kerb? What kerb? Victor will let you conquer any kerb, with the ability to mount kerbs and door thresholds of 130mm and descend over 130mm.


Designed for living

As well as meeting all the requirements for a class 3 device, Victor will challenge the stigma of power chairs and mobility scooters, with a sleek, stylish design.

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