SC Innovation

Pleased and excited to announce SC Innovation, an international company based in the South West of England, who will be taking Victor to production.

Paralympic Shooting Competition, Hanover 2019

Phillip brought Victor to one of his International Paralympic shooting competitions in Hanover.  He saw this as an optimal opportunity to engage with users and receive critical feedback on the prototype.  There were extremely positive reviews, and many were left in awe of what the future holds for their mobility needs.

In Receipt of the prototypes

An exciting time for Victor Mobility as the two prototypes are delivered for functional assessment.  Phillip will be putting Victor through rigorous testing to ensure it meets all the criteria specified in the brief.  The devices will also be put through rigorous testing with TUV and our engineering teams.

Alex Moulton Award 2018

Alex Moulton and the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED), created the Alex Moulton Award to inspire young engineers and designers.  This prestigious award is presented annually in recognition of the achievements, of an innovative and inspiring designer. Previous winners include Raspberry Pi founder Pete Lomas and Apple designer Jonathan Ive.

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